Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Potato dish

Never thought that the Chinese eat potatoes, but they do.

Cut potatoes and pepper
For 4 persons.

What do we need:

8 Potatoes (2 potatoes per person which is generous)
1 Green pepper
Dried or fresh chives
Sunflower oil
2 Teaspoons of brown sugar
Salt (a lot)
White pepper

The potatoes have to be cut as matches
The green pepper just in little chunks

How do we cook them:

In a wok add green peppers
Add sunflower oil and fry
All in the wok
After 4 minutes add the potatoes
Keep on stirring so it doesn't stick
Add the chives
When the potatoes look transparant, add a lot of salt and a little white pepper
Add 2 teaspoons of brown sugar
Add about 200 ml water and stir
Put a lid on and simmer on medium gas
Add water if necessary
Ready to serve
Happy Chef
Put in a bowl

Note: If it's too salty, add some sugar

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