Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Potato dish

Never thought that the Chinese eat potatoes, but they do.

Cut potatoes and pepper
For 4 persons.

What do we need:

8 Potatoes (2 potatoes per person which is generous)
1 Green pepper
Dried or fresh chives
Sunflower oil
2 Teaspoons of brown sugar
Salt (a lot)
White pepper

The potatoes have to be cut as matches
The green pepper just in little chunks

How do we cook them:

In a wok add green peppers
Add sunflower oil and fry
All in the wok
After 4 minutes add the potatoes
Keep on stirring so it doesn't stick
Add the chives
When the potatoes look transparant, add a lot of salt and a little white pepper
Add 2 teaspoons of brown sugar
Add about 200 ml water and stir
Put a lid on and simmer on medium gas
Add water if necessary
Ready to serve
Happy Chef
Put in a bowl

Note: If it's too salty, add some sugar


Onions and carrots
What is a Chinese kitchen without noodles?

What do we need for 4 persons:

Can be different noodles
1 Big onion
2 Carrots
1 Leak
Packet of dried noodles (2 nests per person is already a lot)
Sunflower oil
White pepper
Brown sugar
Bowl to drain (like a saladier)
Chop sticks for stirring or a large meat fork

First schredded the onions, carrots and leak, including the green, or if you are brave like Liqin then cut them into matches by hand.

How do we cook them:
Boil water in a wok
Add noodles
Stir with chop sticks about 5 minutes
Drain the noodles and rinse with cold water in a saladier (keep aside)

In the (same) wok

Onions in the wok
Liqin, our chef
All veggies in the wok
Noodles in the wok
The result
Add onion and stir fry
Then add the sunflower oil
Add the green bits of the leek
Add the carrots
Add the white bits of the leek
Add salt and pepper
Put in a bowl for later

Add the noodles (again) in the same wok
Stir with chop sticks to dry off
Add sunflower oil
Add maggi, about 200 ml
Add a teaspoon of sugar
Add the veggies, but DON'T stir
Put on the lid and simmer on low
After 3 minutes stir all together until al dente and turn off the gas

The dish is ready to serve.

Duck Shanghai style

These duck legs need to be cooked for 2 hours and like to be laying as flat as possible in the pan.

What do we need for 4 persons:

4 Duck legs
Ginger root
Sunflower oil
Brown sugar
Star anise
Wine (any color) or beer

How do we cook them:

Fry duck until brown
Turn down the hob to medium
Then add some sunflower oil
Add 200 ml wine or beer
Add 3 soup spoons of Maggi
Add 1 soup spoon of sugar
Add 3 or 4 sliced ginger from root
Add a handful of fresh chives
Add 2 pieces of star anise
Add 400 ml water and reduce by half
Turn on high to boil and then turn down to simmer
From time to time turn them over

Ready to cut
When the meat is tender, take off the bone of each leg, put them on a plate and pour the juices over.
Duck in juice
Ready to eat

Taking legs off and cut into thick slices