Wednesday, 18 November 2015


What do we need for 4 persons:

- 4 Endives
- Dried chives (little handful)
-Oyster sauce or Nuoc Mam sauce or Hoisin sauce (2 table spoons)
-Bicarbonate (1 tea spoon) or baking powder


How do we cook them:

Chop off ends of the endives
Then cut a cross half way up, at both 2 sides, to allow the sauce to impregnate
Dry fry the endives in the wok
Add sunflower oil
Fry until they are getting brownish
Add chives
Add salt
Add 2 table spoons of Oyster sauce or alternative
Add 2 table spoons of water
Add Bicarbonate or alternative
Cook until soft


Both Bev and Franca have tried this dish, but the original recipe of 2 table spoons of bicarbonate or baking powder was far too salty. Therefore it's mentioned now 1 tea spoon. You can always add.

Also Franca's experience is when you have thick endives to take the leafs of so it's cooking quicker.

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