Thursday, 19 November 2015

Satay from Beef

Well this has nothing to do with the satay we know, 
with chicken or pork or goat as a brochette.

What do we need for 4 persons:

-A generous filet de boeuf
-Satay marinade*
-White wine, whisky or Cognac (NO red wine)
-White pepper
-Bicarbonate or baking powder


Since marinade is not available in regular shops, I had to list 
ingredients from the package coming from a special shop in Paris. 
Also I wouldn’t know about quantities unfortunately, so if you make this it’s down 
to common sense ;-) 
But there is hope: I have found the website so you can order this with other 
goods on-line (see bottom of this page for the address).

The Marinade:
Chilli, garlic, sesame , peanuts, sugar, oil, crayfish, exotic spices, salt, flavor enhancers.

How do we make it:

Cut the beef in opposite direction to the fibres and in very thin slices.
Salt the beef
Marinade the beef in white wine, whisky or cognac, white pepper.
Tenderize with bicarbonate or baking powder
Add some water
Mix it and cover with clingfilm
Put in the fridge for as long as possible, 1 hour at least.

The wok needs to be really hot
Put the meat in
Then add sunflower
Add the satay marinade
It doesn’t need long, so do this last minute otherwise you end up with a cold meat dish.

Special knife but a normal one is fine as well
Cutting skills here
Almost soaked in water

In the wok
Bon Appetit
The satay powder

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