Friday, 18 December 2015


Remove intestine
 For medium appetite use 8 gamba's per person.

What do we need ?

Gamba's either from frozen (like we had) or fresh
Little bit of fresh ginger (1 table spoon)
Olive oil
1 Glass of white wine
Salt (to taste)
Tomato sauce, 2 sachets *

Turning from grey into pink
Final result
With the sauce
How do we prepare them ?

Wash the gamba's
Peel them, but leave the tail on because it's looking better and if you want to eat with your hands it's easier.
Cut the gamba's across but not through to remove the intestine (looks like a black thread).

Chop the ginger very fine

How do we cook them ?

The wok needs to become very hot
Add the ginger
Add the olive oil
Add the gamba's
Add 1 glass of white wine
Salt (to taste)
Tomato sauce *

*Since the tomato sauce comes from a sachet that we cannot buy in the country side, but in Paris, I think the best thing is to make chilli jam.

My recipe of home made chilli jam

 If you use fresh gamba's then you don't need the
 chilli jam sauce. You can add garlic, white wine and chives.

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